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Selling Your Edmonton Home?

My top-level marketing strategy for Edmonton homes for sale can mean the difference between a quick, high-value sale and a stagnant-on-the-market listing. Combine that with my market savvy (top pricing, how to create a multiple-bid scenario, and more) and negotiating skills and you have a recipe for Edmonton real estate success.

I offer a full range of marketing techniques and strategies, and give you my personal attention aimed at getting your Edmonton home sold. This includes full web-based exposure with professional photography, state-of-the-art virtual tours and more.

I will work with you in identifying the most appropriate listing price for your Edmonton home for sale based on a combination of your needs and today’s market, and I’ll be with you throughout the process.

I would be happy to provide you with a free home evaluation, or just my advice. Or, if you’re not ready to sell—to offer you a home-equity checkup to see how your home lines up in the current market, what low-cost (or higher-cost, if they’re worth it) investments can improve it’s asking price and how to overall better leverage your investment.

I’d love to chat with you, any time, about your, goals and ideal financial real-estate situation—so feel free to contact me at any time at (780) 908-3131 or simply fill out the form below.


Here are some tips that I’ve learned from my more than two decades of experience, that may help when you are listing your Edmonton home for sale.

Edmonton Homes for Sale Make the Price Right

Work with your REALTOR® to determine how your property should be priced based on appropriate comparable sales and your own needs. If a quick sale is most important, it may be best to take an aggressive pricing strategy. By reducing the initial price it is more likely that you will attract multiple offers (near or above the asking price) and with a quicker closing date. With any property priced correctly, the first offer is often the best offer. This is where an experienced REALTOR®’s negotiating skills can make a valuable difference for you. Of course this is an art form, and you’ll need an experienced Edmonton REALTOR® to guide you.

Closet and Storage Space

Storage is a must for almost all buyers. And more than that—organized storage, which makes it look significantly bigger and/or more functional. If your storage areas and closets are jammed with contents, consider removing enough that you can neatly organize the remainder. This is a simple way to create a positive viewing experience with the knowledge that closet, cupboard and cabinet space is a key selling feature.

Let There be Light

When it comes to Edmonton homes for sale–no one wants to be in the dark, so brighten up your home or Edmonton condo as much as you can. Edmonton winters can be very gloomy and it gets dark very early so it is important to maximize the light in your home. After location, good light is the second check box on many buyers’ lists. If necessary remove your old drapery, wash your windows, and brighten the room by ensuring it is well lit with natural and/or artificial light. In a home, or townhouse with bushes and trees, consider pruning branches or shrubs to allow more natural light. The more light the better.

Get the Right Edmonton REALTOR®

The wrong REALTOR® can sour the selling and buying process. Ensure you are working with someone you have a good rapport with, and that you can trust. Your agent will be working for you non-stop, analyzing the market, comparing current listings in the area, and aggressively putting your home out there in the faces of thousands of potential buyers.

No Pets

You love your dog or cat and so do I, but not when you are trying to sell your house or condo. Understand that not everyone is an animal lover. The last thing you want is for someone interested in your home to walk in to a nervous dog, to the smell kitty litter or leave the showing with pet hair on their clothing. If possible it’s best to send the pets to a daycare or have someone take them while you are showing your home. If other arrangements can’t be made, consider putting your pets in their kennel/crate where they can be more secure.

Repair vs. Renovate

Fix a small crack, painting walls, stop that pesky door from squeaking. These are all good things to do prior to listing a property but don’t undertake major renovations and expect to see a return. If it’s not a quick fix, don’t do it – as a rule. The primary exceptions to this are the kitchen (see #3 below), and those fixes that are considered necessary, for example the replacement of a faulty furnace. If you’re wondering what renovations could increase the value of your home—reach out to me, I can guide you.

Don’t Make it Personal

Over time your Edmonton home begins to reflect your life in all the personal mementos one accumulates over the years. While this may warm your heart—It can throw buyers off. When a buyer walks into your home for sale you want them to have the chance to picture themselves living there. This is much harder when they are surrounded with your life and memories. Also, ‘less is more’ when it comes to furniture and accessories in your home. Removing extra pieces from rooms allows a potential buyer to see the space rather than the contents. You may also consider staging Edmonton homes for sale, which is particularly helpful for vacant properties. A stager will also help you maximize the appearance of the space.

The Kitchen is Key

“You’re not actually selling your house, you’re selling your kitchen” – said every REALTOR® ever. That should give you a sense of how important it is. If your kitchen looks outdated a buyer may look to discount thousands of dollars off your asking price without a second glance. Consider needed upgrades such as painting the cabinets and replacing the hardware, and if you can justify new counter tops, do it.

Be Ready to Show

Keep your Edmonton home in show-ready condition at all times. You may only have an hour notice before the person meant to by your property walks through the doors. It may be a hassle to keep it so clean and tidy, but if you’re selling consider it a necessary evil. Otherwise you could miss out on a lucrative buyer.

Curb Appeal

Your Edmonton home may have a design magazine-worthy interior, but a buyer has already made the biggest judgement call on the for sale home before they step through the door. You will not get a second chance. With that in mind ensure the exterior is top shape. Trim the hedges, cut the grass, plant flowers in the beds. In typical Edmonton winter conditions make sure the snow is cleared, there is no ice and the walk up to the front and back doors is safe and welcoming.

For more information on Edmonton real estate market news and Edmonton homes for sale  please feel free to contact me at any time.